Fancy Wild Zone

Flying Wild — A one-of-a-kind dance performance, taking place inside an aircraft, where the dancers as the flight crew and the audience as the passengers, becoming part of the flight’s art show. A non-conventional and uplifting experience. An inter-textual piece, with original poetry interlaced in the text as a translation of the dance movements, this work shows the constant conflict taking place in any new and intriguing stage environment.

This project is a first Haifa Theater collaboration, paving the way to a contemporary dance society in the city, a home to dancers and to choreographers. The creators of this show, Tal Reinan and Merav Cohen, have been collaborating for ten years. Merav choreographed many dance pieces for festivals and theaters in Israel and abroad, and Tal is a film writer and director. This is their first project together.

We set out with curiosity and a will to evolve as artists who create a new reality and a new language, and to promote the art of dance in the city of Haifa. Our goal is to promote new, meaningful and intriguing dance and stage original work. The collaboration with the Haifa Theater is a fascinating and bountiful creative process. It is very special to us and we are excited to share the outcome on stage with the audience. — Merav and Tal

A Production of the Haifa Theate