The Nutcracker

A unique Collaboration between Choreographer Merav Cohen and the Haifa Symphonic Orchestra for the production of “The Nutcracker”.

On one stage, 90 musicians play the live music, along with dance segments performed by the two dancers — male and female.

“The Nutcracker” is the first co-creation of the choreographer and the orchestra, the collaboration was born out of a common goal to promote dance in the city of Haifa and its region, establishing a possibility of forming a new repertory dance company in the city, that will be a home for dancers, artists, and fruitful multidisciplinary projects .

A miniature fantasy that moves from dream to reality creates an abstract world with a special mixture of the live music movement

Red holograms float in the shape of a tin soldier, his body is made of plastic and he comes to life as hidden pearls. The dance is wrapped in large cotton fabrics like predatory rats roaring in the distance. The inner and outer noise does not let go of a dance which takes place in a thin line between reality and imagination, floating on roses in the minds of children who are playing and dressing up as cruel adults.

The piece is wrapped in sharp movement, like a vigorous mouse, infested in a maze of delusions, drawing a delicate sword from the bodies of the dancers who reveal varying identities out of their souls in a bare and delightful dance, trying to become naked as an animal field.